San Diego 租金申请准则

Application Guidelines and Screening

我们鼓励和支持一个不因种族而阻碍获得住房的项目, Color, 宗教, 性, 障碍, 家族的地位, 国家的起源, 或性取向. Our application and screening process fully comply with all federal, state and local laws including but not limited to Fair Housing and ADA. 

Thank you for your interest in a rental property! 如果您对申请流程有任何疑问,请通过电子邮件与我们的办公室联系,以获得最快的回复 

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

降低迁入成本, review the information below about our Security Deposit Replacement Program!


申请人或指定的代表必须亲自查看房产(包括内部),并同意在文件规定的入住准备条件下接受房产. 在递交申请后提出的外观问题将不予考虑. 


申请费- $54.每位成人申请人00元


Applications will not be considered until every applicant has filled out, 电子签名, 并支付了他们的申请费用.


在验证过程中,PURE物业十大赌博信誉网站租赁部门的同事可能会与您联系以获取更多信息. 请及时回复,以便尽快完成背景验证,以免耽误审批过程.

If you need assistance completing the application, you can make an appointment with a PURE team member. 

It is best to complete the application once it is started. 关闭应用程序或浏览器将丢失输入的信息,您将不得不重新开始.

如果申请被批准, 租约的开始日期不迟于PURE的申请批准日期后20天或从该物业可用之日起, 以较晚的为准.

If your application is approved and you sign a Lease to occupy the property, the first full month’s rent will be due at lease signing. If your lease does not start on the first of the month, any prorated rent amount will be applied to the second month of occupancy.

在租赁开始日期之前, 居民必须支付所有到期的款项, 这可能包括, 居民福利套餐费, 和保证金或保证金更换计划费用通过居民门户, or with a certified check or money order.


Smoking or vaping of any kind is not permitted on the property.

所有申请人必须通过我们的供应商核实是否存在宠物或辅助动物, The link will be emailed to you and you have 24 hours to complete this step.

有效的社会安全号码, 也就是说, or proof of permitted stay in the US with a Visa is required for all applicants.  

All applicants must complete identity verification, 收入确认, 就业验证, and non-sufficient funds activity through Verifast. Your application will not be considered if you have not completed this step.  The link will be emailed to you and you have 24 hours to complete this step.

对于业主协会或共管公寓协会的房产,可能会有额外的申请和/或押金要求. Refer to the listing for applicability. 


Reasons your application could be immediately rejected:

We use TranUnion’s 居民Score as a part of our screening process. 居民Score分析了租房筛选和信用信息的风险,得出了350到850之间的分数. 居民Score与您可能直接从信用报告机构获得的信用评分不同. 

如果申请人的居民Score不能由Transunion确定和/或申请人不符合收入要求,则可以允许担保人.  The guarantor must have a verifiable gross income of 4 times the monthly rent, and have an acceptable 居民Score. 

所有申请人的月总收入必须至少为月租金的3倍. 自雇申请人可提交已签署的上年度报税表,以证明其收入等于月租的三倍,或出示平均银行结余等于月租的六倍.

目前居住在PURE物业十大赌博信誉网站公司的居民必须提供令人满意的租金支付记录,并根据租赁协议提供迁出通知. 申请人须进行检查,以核实物业的维修保养情况是否令人满意。在检查完成前,申请才算完成.


文档需求 may include, but are not limited to:


To help ensure ALL of our residents understand our pet and animal-related policies, we require everyone to complete a third-party screening and review process, 包括没有宠物的申请人. 这个过程确保我们有正式的宠物和动物相关政策确认和准确的宠物/动物记录. PetScreening charges $25 per pet for a household pet screening. This Is a separate charge from the rental application fee. 为援助动物住宿请求创建的个人资料不收费,为没有宠物/动物的居民创建的个人资料不收费. 一个链接将通过电子邮件发送给您,通过Petscreening完成宠物/动物申请.com

Only pet owners will need to pay the profile renewal fee. Assistance Animal and no-pet profiles renew at no cost. 

There is no fee for verified assistance animals. Monthly fees for pets will range between $30 and $80 per month per pet.  

只有选定的属性允许宠物. The following breeds are not permitted: Pit Bulls, 阿拉斯加雪橇犬, 罗纳维尔犬, 秋田犬, 周润发, 美国斯塔福德梗, 和美国斗牛犬. 杜宾犬, 拳击手, 德国牧羊犬, 大丹犬, 西伯利亚雪橇犬, 只狼的混血儿, 声部进入记号Canario, and any dog that has any of the above breeds in their lineage. If a dog has a history of violent behavior it is not allowed on the property. 

包括服务性动物和支持性动物在内的援助动物不被视为宠物,也不需要支付任何费用. We do require a complete and approved screening via 宠物筛选将要求提供必要的文件来验证援助动物.   

Lease Terms And Additional 信息rmation

我们的最低租期是12个月. No short-term leases are available unless the listing provides this option.


At PURE Property 十大赌博信誉网站, we offer two options for security deposits. The first option is a traditional security deposit, 是否在入住时一次性支付租金,并在租期内存入帐户. If your account does not have a final balance due, then the full security deposit amount will be refunded pursuant to the lease terms. 

The second option is our Security Deposit Replacement Program. This program is offered based on eligibility. 有了这个选项, 您将在租赁期间每月支付不可退还的费用,而不是传统的预付款. 在您搬离时,您的账户将不会有任何余额. You as the tenant will still be responsible for any charges assessed at move-out.


PURE物业十大赌博信誉网站住户福利计划透过提供专业服务,为住户节省开支及提供便利. 申请人同意注册并支付适用费用,费用从27美元起.00 to $39.每月00英镑,连同租金一并支付.

Your RBP may include, subject to property mechanicals or other limitations:



Third-party services for processing the identity verification, 收入确认 and consumer reports for each applicant. - $20.50

Staff labor costs to review applications, 审查筛选结果, complete our tenant screening evaluation process, and communicate with the applicant throughout the process. – $33.50

Minimum Cost to PURE Property 十大赌博信誉网站 $54.00